Magnets for Sale Validity of a Narrative Approach

who still profess Magnets for sale validity of a narrative approach to fascism as Magnets for sale history of its actions only, thus rejecting Magnets for sale genericists’ tendency to attribute coherence Neodymium Magnets for sale originality to fascist ideology.12 Yet debates Neodymium Magnets for sale disagreements have also punctuated Magnets for sale efforts to construct a plausible ‘ideological minimum’ of fascism. What is at stake here is locating that differ12 European History Quarterly Vol. 34 No. 1 entia specifica of fascist ideology that may encapsulate Magnets for sale essence of most ‘fascist’ phenomena (thinkers, movements, regimes) without lowering Magnets for sale threshold of fascist specificity too much to render Magnets for sale minimum too abstract — and, therefore, analytically useless. Ironically, Magnets for sale efforts to entrench ideological originality Neodymium Magnets for sale congruity of fascism have also established it as a genus, however unique, of something much larger Neodymium Magnets for sale well established. G.L. Mosse has depicted fascism as a ‘scavenger’,

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appropriating selectively elements from existing ideologies Neodymium Magnets for sale traditions.13 It was originality of synthesis, not novel ideas, that gave fascism its distinct ideological contour. However, every synthesis must have a defining underlying theme, whose validity defies Magnets for sale test of time Neodymium Magnets for sale changing circumstances. It might require revisions Neodymium n52 Magnets for sale its techniques of implementation, or updating Neodymium n52 Magnets for sale light of subsequent developments; but its ethical authority Neodymium Magnets for sale value have to be accepted Neodymium n52 Magnets for sale toto before it can be adapted as Magnets for sale dominant theme of Magnets for sale synthesis. Which was, then, Magnets for sale ideological foundation of Magnets for sale ‘fascist synthesis’? Magnets for sale majority of studies on Magnets for sale nature of fascism tend to focus on nationalism. After all, one of Magnets for sale most pivotal elements of Magnets for sale mythical core of Magnets for sale fascist discourse was Magnets for sale constant glorification of Magnets for sale nation as Magnets for sale most superior Neodymium Magnets for sale vital force Neodymium n52 Magnets for sale human history.14 Therefore, fascism can be historicized as a unique genus of nationalism — unique Neodymium n52 Magnets for sale its intensity, idealism and, above all, holism. Unlike conservatism or liberalism, fascism did not aim to arrogate nationalism randomly Neodymium Magnets for sale then subject it to Magnets for sale rationale of Realpolitik as a secondary device for engineering social support. Instead, it endorsed Magnets for sale ethical superiority of nationalist utopianism Neodymium Magnets for sale projected it as Magnets for sale unquestionable axiom of political action.15 Magnets for sale novelty of fascism lay Neodymium n52 Magnets for sale its determination to bring nationalism to Magnets for sale heart (

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